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This year’s Buder Park Swap Meet will be held Saturday October 14th from 8 AM until Noon in the parking lot at Buder.



Buder Park – American Modeler Sept 1961 article

Donald Ellington was a long time Buder Park RC model airplane enthusiastic who passed away earlier this year.  Don told his daughter that he would like to have his entire collection of planes and associated gear given away free to his fellow Buder Park flyers.  His daughter contacted GSLMA and arrangements were made to give everything away in the form of a free raffle for Buder Park permit holders.  The raffle was held at the July 11, 2017 GSLMA meeting.  35 Buder Park flyers attended and everyone had a chance to pick at least one item from the many that Don had.

G.S.L.M.A  Notice – December 10, 2016

Attention flyers:

GSLMA recently met with St. Louis County Parks Department.  The following new County Council Order with Attachment A was approved by the County Council.  Attachment A are updated Buder Park flying field rules showing that both AMA and a Buder ParkPermit (for a fee) are required to fly at Buder Park.

Effective January 1, 2017, St. Louis County Park Rangers will be checking for current AMA membership and a current Buder Park Permit.  If you are flying without AMA and/or a Buder Park Permit, a citation may be issued.

AMA membership is available at www.modelaircraft.organd the application for a Buder Park permit can be found at

Please contact GSLMA with questions.

Tony Vitiello



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