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Buder Park Flying Field Rules
Greater Saint Louis Model Association
Revised: October 5, 2016
Buder Park Flying Field is open to all R/C aircraft modelers, but in the interests of safety, is policed by the Greater St. Louis Modeling Association (GSLMA) under a mandate from the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Field operations and activities are subject to and require permits for a fee, issued by GSLMA and under the authority of the Parks Department. Ordinance # 616.180. Applications for permits can be obtained from application box under pavilion, other local club websites or GSLMA’s website:

All flying will be done in compliance with the posted rules and other safety regulations. Failure to comply with the regulations will be considered to be in violation of safe flying practices and a violation of County Rules and Regulations.

1. The official Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) safety rules shall be applicable to all flying activity at the field. In situations where specific guidance is not provided, sound judgment must prevail.

2. Both, AMA Full Membership liability insurance and a Buder Park permit are required to fly at R/C, Control Line and FPV areas. A permit FEE will apply. Penalty of up to $1,000 and/or as much as 1 year jail if flying without a permit. Ordinance # 616.190.

3. Vehicles will be parked in designated areas only. To alleviate parking lot congestion, vehicles pulling trailers may park at east end of pit area. This shall be allowed only when ground is solid enough to support vehicle without damage to ground.

4. Spectators are not allowed in the pit area or on the field. Guests may be in the shelter or pit area only if closely supervised by a permit holder.

5. Only (flying) pilots and their helper or spotter are permitted on the field.

6. The Shelter will not be used as a pit area. Equipment may be placed in the shelter only during inclement weather and only one designated table can be used for field repairs. Engine running is not permitted in the shelter.

7. Engine break-in or tuning will not be permitted in the spectator or main pit areas but is allowed on the extreme ends of either pit area.

8. If flying on 72MhZ, pilots must use their park permit to cover the applicable frequency on the frequency board in the shelter.

9. No more than six pilots are allowed to fly at one time. When five or more pilots are flying, there shall be one person present at or near pilot station to direct traffic.

10. Aircraft carts are not allowed in front of shelter.

11. Hand launching will be done from active runway, making sure other pilots are aware of launching.

12. Sailplane Hi-Starts will be launched parallel with active runway and they will have a drag chute or similar device.

13. All electric aircraft weighing more than 2ounces (56 grams) will be flown from designated flight stations and the same flight rules shall apply.

14. When a model experiences difficulties, the pilot or helper shall loudly and clearly warn the other flyers of the situation. Landing priority will be given to the flyer experiencing difficulty.

15. All flying will be in accordance with the chart and safety zone boundary map posted at shelter. No out of boundary flying is permitted. Permit can be revoked by GSLMA for flying out of the boundary.

16. Wind direction will determine the flight pattern. Takeoffs and landings shall be in the same direction unless the wind changes and all pilots agree to reverse the pattern.

17. Pilots will stand at the pilot stations. Flying down the runway will also be in the same direction. Example: Left to right pattern, stand at left pilot stations.

18. Hovering for all aircraft shall be done at the east end of “West/East” runway when not in use or on far side of active runway. All landing and take-offs shall have right of way.

19. All helicopters must be carried to and from the runway or hovering area. There shall be forward pattern flight at runways and hovering at the designated hovering area.

20. In addition to the ordinance-based penalties for violation of the above safety rules, St. Louis County reserves the right to report safety violations to GSLMA and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) for possible revocation of flying privileges and insurance status.


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