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2012 Extravaganza Summary

I believe the Extravaganza was a great success. We had 30 pilots that registered and did a great job keeping can you order personal narrative paper in one day ourselves and most important, the spectators entertained.

I would have liked to have seen more participation from the clubs to help with the set-up, tear-down and running the show. These events are a great way to draw more interest to the hobby and everyone benefits from that.

I do want to thank all of those that stepped up to the plate and worked hard to make this a successful event. I composed a list of volunteers that stood out but there were many others that may not be listed that I thank as well.

Debbie and Bill Hartman provided and donated for us, a delicious lunch on Saturday and donuts and coffee, cooked the food, did pilot registration, sold raffle tickets and drinks, got their Pitts out and performed those really nice fly-bys on Sunday and much more. You guys did too much.

George Biderman went above and beyond and spent all of both days collecting donations for parking. You the man!

Teresa and Winston Shepherd did a great job doing pilot registration, selling drinks and raffle tickets cancer introduction essay and Winston did a fine job on the microphone to keep spectators informed. I think we have a new MC for future events.

Dave Mcquin and Mort Fowler gave up flying their own planes to make sure that all spectators that wanted to try their hand at flying got a chance to do so, 97 is what I counted. Way to go guys!

Larry Barnes supplied us with his generator and gas to keep the lights on, donated the foam gliders, whirlybirds and money bank, help to sell items and more. Thanks Larry!

Lance Thompson big help setting up and tear down, parking, getting donations for raffles, parking, selling drinks and more. You got my vote!

Scott Olson helped me big time setting up and wiring the pavilion both days.

Tony Vitiello got us out of hot water when our food vendor bailed on us at the last minute and got us the soda, water and ice.

Craig Anderson was kind enough to relieve me so I could get a few flights in, helped the buddy box instructors and more.

There were plenty of others that helped too; you know who you are so thank you to all!

We need to give thanks to Schaefers Hobby for the 2 Champs for spectator raffle, Hobby Town USA for more than $200 in gift cards and a pile of coupons, IBCNU (Mike Williams) for a Spectrum receiver, voltage regulator and misc. Advance Auto Parts for car care products.

Jon Evans, President GSLMA