Flight Stands

In late 2018 our organization spent about one thousand dollars academic essay writers do my essay online to replace and upgrade our flight stands for Buder Park

You can download this pdf file stands_01 to build or modify the flight stands at your facility.

I found Fred working by himself at Buder last week, rebuilding one of the plane stands in the RC area. He was completing the build and installation of the latest generation of plane stand / restraint. I know other GSLMA members have also been helpful this fall building and repairing the stands, but on this day (November 3), I found Fred working alone, so I thought I’d publish this finding for those that were not there that day (it was cold).

This particular stand reflects several iterations of design improvements, including a longer fuselage support, taller wing stands (covered at the top with carpet to support the wing before installation) and dual support benches on both sides of the stand to support tool boxes, batteries, etc.

Well done, Fred. Thank you.
David McQuinn